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Hundreds of cemeteries from across this great nation and Canada have made the switch to CemSites.

Our Clients

Candidly Speaking

Heather Leigh

Owner, Greenhaven Memorial Gardens & Life Tribute Center

Rabbi Jay Lyons

Director, South Florida Jewish Cemetery


Case study: Belle Vernon Cemetery

With CemSites, Belle Vernon Cemetery Superintendent Tom Hewitt was able to clean up his data and streamline his cemetery’s processes. Robust one-click reporting enables Tom to pull up-to-date information on burials and records during business meetings. Visual mausoleum tools give Tom the ability to showcase his mausoleum to potential clients without leaving the office.


Case study: Round Hill Cemetery

Cindy Fisher at Round Hill Cemetery hired CemSites to make her cemetery’s database accessible to the public through website integration. By using Grave Mapping with Walk-to-Site, visitors can now track their steps right to specific gravesites with their smartphones. Thanks to CemSites, Round Hill can even sell products right from their website.


“I would highly recommend CemSites; they’ve been able to increase our revenues and have made my job much easier.”

–Cindy Fisher, Office Manager, Round Hill Cemetery

“I would recommend Cemsites because they are thorough, able to drill down to the specifics of operating procedures, can see the big picture without forgetting the framework, and truly interested in the success of their client's organization.

Anyone can offer a cheaper option and Frankenstein off the shelf products. I would rather pay a company to create a system that meets the needs of my cemetery and will be there throughout the process of development, implementation, support, and future growth. My time is valuable, I partner with organizations who are vested in my success today, tomorrow, and the future.

The Cemsite staff are personable, caring, and love what they do. Those are traits that create success.”

–Heather Leigh, Owner, Greenhaven Memorial Gardens & Life Tribute Center

"The feedback from our congregation was extraordinary!”

–Steven Hidary, Manager, United Hebrew Cemetery

"Do you have any other cemeteries in the area that are using your product? One of our employees is looking for another job and wants to stick with using CemSites."

- Mandi Barrett, Administrator, Bellerive Gardens Cemetery

“I’ve been coming to the cemetery since the passing of my father in 1976. The Walk-to-Site technology allows me to use my smartphone to track my steps right to the gravesite.”

—Rick Maze, Cemetery Customer

“OMG!! CEMSITES IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!! I hover over the grey and can see what the marker actually says!!! This is amazing!!! Loving it!!! Thank you so much."

–Juanice Neal, General Manager, El Rancho Simi Cemetery District

“Our new system with CemSites has changed the way we manage our cemetery. Our records have never been more accurate and the Lot Viewer actually helped us clean up our data, because we could see it was never before. It’s literally like looking out over my cemetery, but with all the information right there at my fingertips.”

—Tom Hewitt, Superintendent, Belle Vernon Cemetery

"Attaching documents to each grave record is very helpful. I don’t have to go pull the physical file anymore when I need to help a customer. With all files uploaded into the software, the time I spend with each customer is reduced. Also, tracking of payments is much easier with the software and in that respect, has saved me time."

–Brandyn Stewart, Project Management Assistant, City of Buckeye